Six Must-Have ESL Writing Activities

Six ESL Writing Activities

Looking for fresh ideas for the writing class (and conversation class)?

Here are six lesson ideas that help students learn English and build writing skills.

Writing Proficiency

Two activities that improve accuracy are here. The first works on articles and is good for all skill levels. The second activity, suitable for intermediate+, teaches students to write appositives.

Fluency Activities

Three easy to implement activities to help students read, write and speak faster.

Get the Details

A pair work conversation activity with a writing component. One student reads a short story. Another asks questions to learn the details. It’s a remarkably simple, but challenging, exercise that forces students to think about their questions. This inquiry-based activity helps students develop a range of skills – reading, questioning, listening and critical thinking.

Quick Vocab Games

Got a gap to fill? These three vocabulary exercises work great when you need a sponge activity that fosters language learning.

Six Thinking Hats

writing and speaking activity based on Edward De Bono’s ideas about multiple thinking perspectives? Why not? The core lesson starts by looking at a roll of candy from six perspectives. The lesson can easily be extended to more complex ideas.

Parallel Structure

A writing class without a lesson about parallel structure? Impossible, I say. So, here it is, a lesson, suitable for high beginners and up, to help students improve clarity, grammar and style.


About the author: Rob Whyte is a professor, writer, and on-line wizard. Originally from Canada, he teaches English composition and conversation at a private university in Busan, Korea. Check out his Monster Pack: a Colossal Collection of Resources For Busy English Teachers or his website. This article was also published here.