Frequently Asked Questions

Is Profs Abroad a teacher recruiting company?

  • Absolutely not. In fact, please don't email Profs Abroad to apply for a position. Send your resumes directly to the address shown in the job ad.

Are the jobs screened?

  • Yes. 95% percent of the jobs on Profs Abroad are directly with the university itself. There is no middleman or recruiter between you and the university.

What kind of jobs can I find on the site?

  • All of the jobs are related to English language teaching and the various forms that takes on at universities (conversation, composition, presentation skills, debate, drama, business English, etc.).

How can I find out how many jobs are in each country?

  • Click on the categories dropdown box in the sidebar. The number in parentheses represents the number of jobs for that country.

Why do you have more ESL/EFL university job ads than any other site?

  • Instead of waiting for employers to contact us, we take a proactive approach and seek out open positions. Our staff searches/scans the internet for job postings on a number of job boards and aggregates them into one place so you don't have to. Next, we review hundreds of university home pages every month to find job openings. We have built personal relationships with many universities to make sure we hear about their job openings first. Finally, many universities prefer our site because it's free to post job ads.

Have people found work with Profs Abroad?

Can I submit an article to publish on your website?

  • For sure! We are always looking for stories about teaching tips, career advice, living and working abroad, etc.